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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, eligible. but the cost of financing studies must be borne by yourself.

This institution provides a career path with the performance condition of excellent graduates.

  1. The programs offered at this institution are awarded and recognized by the Malaysia Qualification Agency (MQA).
  2. Provision of industrial training to all graduates during the period of study.

This institution is fully supervised by the Malaysian Ministry of Higher Education (KPT). For example, PTPTN Aid, MQA and scholarship aid. However, the provision of the training center is private. Sebagai contoh, Bantuan PTPTN, MQA dan bantuan biasiswa . Walaubagaimanapun, penyediaan tempat pusat latihan adalah bersifat Persendirian.

This institution uses only English and Malay as the medium of instruction.

Yes, with 2 conditions:

  1. If you have ever made a PTPTN loan, the tuition fee is covered by yourself.
  2. If you want to apply for a PTPTN Loan to finance your studies, you need to complete the previous loan.

Yes, this institution provides subsistence allowance to students.

The facilities provided by this institution are dormitory and transportation.

Applicants must have the results of at least 3 Credits and pass the subjects of Malay and History.

Yes, every program at this institution is recognized by the Malaysia Qualification Agency (MQA).

Yes, this institution is under the supervision of KPT Malaysia.

This campus is located in Keningau, Sabah.

You can apply by :

  1. Visit the website.
  2. Through education consultants appointed by BPE Malaysia.

Yes, by referring to the registration and management of Student Affairs (HEP) section.

PTPTN assistance will be fully managed by the institution.

Yes, apart from full-time studies, this institution also provides Online Distance Learning (ODL) @ part-time studies

Yes, provided you meet every eligibility requirement of the program offered.

The facilities provided are cafeteria, library, mini auditorium, computer room. The availability of facilities depends on the educational institution being offered.

Yes, Students only need to pay RM250.

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